Made the soundtrack for this critically acclaimed art installation by artist Avi Krispin at the Kav16 gallery in Tel Aviv.

“Krispin, a video artist who has spent many years in Amsterdam, has succeeded where many fail. She successfully crossed the minefield of so-called "community art," without clichés, compromises, and mitigating circumstances, creating a complete, accurate work of art. [… The] great soundtrack by Peter Vandrie creates tension but not melodrama.” - Haaretz newspaper (translated from Hebrew) 

About the work: “Cabin fever is a phenomenon that describes claustrophobia and restlessness of a person or group when they are confined in a secluded place for a long time. In Avi Krispin's solo exhibition, this phenomenon echoes through her references to the Hollywood disaster films genre that emphasize and express anxiety, loneliness and alienation as key motifs.”


Fragment of Cabin Fever